The Guild House


Must try item: chicken roulade
Money: $$$1/2

Cameron Mitchell’s latest Columbus creation is The Guild House, an American cuisine restaurant highlighting as itself as farm to table. Now everything Mitchell touches turns into culinary gold, I mean The Pearl–come on, I could live off their pancakes if carbs & sugar were a food group. So needless to say, we arrived with very high expectations.

First of all, props to the Guild House staff for being so accommodating to our ever expanding party. We started off as 6, then 8, then 9 people–lol all on NHL All-Star Weekend. But each time they said it wasn’t a problem even though their reservations were full. So many snaps to you guys, you guys are all-stars.

The restaurant is a great atmosphere, there’s catchy upbeat music and soft lighting that is flattering on everyone and a really nice vase of lemons and limes that I debated internally being fake or real (I went with fake).


5 Star bread

Bread = 5 stars. You gotta love a restaurant that gives you endless delicious bread even though you are trying real hard to avoid the carbs for imminent bikini season. But eff the bikini because that’s pretty far away, right??

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Salad for 8

We liked their greens salad, although it was bit more bitter than the usual beet salad, it had an interesting flair. Their pork cheeks were really tender & on a bed of spaghetti squash. The app that made us sad though was the tuna ribbons. It had a beautiful presentation, but the slices of tuna were super thin and the appetizer was a smooth $15, which could have been like 20 slices of sashimi at Tensuke.

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All I see is $$$ signs

Our entrees were the chicken roulade and the agnolotti. The chicken roulade was bomb, the celery root puree was way better than mashed potatoes (and mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food). We wished there was more on the dish to go with the amazing madeira reduction. The agnolotti was a bit overpowered by the sauce; we were hoping to get some really distinct truffle flavoring (it’s one of our favorite flavors–still eyeing an $80 can of truffles at The Market), but even with shaved truffles in the dish it was hard to taste the truffle flavor.



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Celery root puree > Mashed Potatoes

All in all, Cam Mitch has made another beautiful restaurant in the Short North. At a pretty penny, we’ll save this place for special occasions, stay away from the tuna ribbons and give this place another try for brunch.

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— E


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