Juice The Two Of Us

About a month ago, a friend recommended that we give the juice challenge a try.

(Sorry for the delay in this article, we just got back from 3 weeks in Asia!)

We were excited to get started. This challenge would be a collaboration with sambaFRESH — a local juice bar. We pulled up their website to see what they were all about. Here’s their mission statement:

It all sounded good to us, especially the part about how incorporating simple practices in everyday diet and lifestyle can have life-changing effects on how we look, feel and experience life.

I went to pick up our juice on a sunny afternoon. When I arrived, Dylan was there to greet me. I told him that we’ve had juice before, but not on a regular basis. He recommended a partial juice program — we would consume a diet similar to our usual, but with the added benefit of juice.

He helped me pick out 12 juices (6 for each of us). He explained that different types should be consumed at various points in the day for optimal effect. For example, the Rio is packed with antioxidants and alkaline greens to help you feel fresh and nourished — perfect for the morning. Conversely, the Proteina Plus is best in the evenings as it’s a heftier juice and won’t hype you up before bedtime.

He marked down the optimum drinking order of the juices and I was on my way.


I woke up today, ready to get my juice like Bishop! I hopped out of bed and prepped everything to take to work with me. I had 2 juices (a Rio and a G.L.O), 2 salads, some fruit and almonds. If I’m going to be adding the juices, I might as well clean up the rest of the menu as well.

Juice 2

These would probably be more beneficial in my stomach than on this whiteboard…

I chugged down my Rio on the way to work because traffic. When I got there, I got straight to work. Before I knew it, it was 11:30am, and I hadn’t felt hungry the whole time. This is surprising because I usually eat ravenously through until my 2pm coma/nap. I took this time to eat a salad, some fruit and then drink down my G.L.O. This one had cayenne pepper in it which provided a surprising kick. It was generally pleasant, although I would have toned it down on the spice a bit.

As I wrapped up my work day, I finished off the rest of my food and headed home. When I got back, I hit the gym and drank a Proteina Plus afterwards. As advertised, this juice was more filling. I wasn’t hungry again until about 10pm (usually, I’m hungry every hour, on the hour).


The next day, I felt lighter waking up. Without all the heavy carbs and meat in my stomach, I was able to spring out of bed to start my day. I started out with another Rio. I had a softball game after work, so I brought some more salad, fruit and nuts with me.

Juice 1

The grass provides extra nutrients

Again, I didn’t feel sluggish during the day. I had a SOL around noon, which also had a cayenne kick. The natural sugars and vitamins in the juice gave me enough boost to make it through the day without caffeine.

Around 6pm, I headed out to the diamond. I started the game out strong, but halfway through , I started to burn out. Even with the salad, fruit and nuts, it wasn’t enough. I can’t imagine if I had only drank juice that day. When I got home, I finished the day off with another Proteina Plus to recover from the exercise.

Overall, I enjoyed the partial cleanse. The juice, combined with a lighter diet, helped to prevent sluggishness and that rotting feeling in your gut after a big meal of meat and starch. I think that I will cut back on those things in general from now on.

I’m hesitant to do a juice-only cleanse (because I don’t have enough energy without physical sustenance). But the effects of adding juice to my regimen was noticeable. I would recommend a partial juice cleanse as a stepping stone to improving your overall diet and lifestyle.

Thanks sambaFRESH!

— Jay


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