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Meals on Demand with DoorDash

Man, did we wake up rough on Sunday morning. That’s the downfall of not going out that often anymore; when you actually do make it out, it hits you very hard the next day. After a gym session to sweat out the booze, I had a fleeting burst of energy. I quickly grabbed Ewa and we went to go run errands.

We chose our wedding cake, went to Whole Foods for a snack (mainly free samples), did some grocery shopping and had a bomb @$$ meal courtesy of Fukuryu Ramen. By the time we got home at 7pm, we were KO’d.

While slothing out, we saw on Instagram that DoorDash was now delivering in Columbus. This was the perfect time to give the food delivery service a try. Ewa downloaded the app and setup her account. Just took a few moments.

Once inside the app, it was very easy to get around. We can definitely appreciate an intuitive user interface. This is especially true when you’re tired and hungry — there should be no roadblocks to food.


There was a good selection of restaurants to choose from in the area (more than we expected of a relatively new service for Columbus). We chose sushi and placed our order. There is a $1 mandatory delivery fee, which is very fair. Within a minute, we got a confirmation from the app that the restaurant received our order and was putting things together. We went back to our Netflix movie (it was Underworld).

About 5 minutes later, we got a call from a number we didn’t recognize. It turned out to be the DoorDash driver. He told us that the restaurant was out of our desired entree. We were disappointed, but also impressed at how quickly the driver got there. We told him that we were going to cancel our order, and he remained very friendly and professional throughout.

We reached out to the customer service (which is a chat functionality within the app) to ask them to cancel our order. They were very quick to reply and gave us a few options on how to proceed.


They could have credited the amount back to our account to use for another order. However, we chose to get a refund to the card on file in the app. We got our money back quickly, but we were still hungry! We jumped right back into the app and chose another sushi spot. We placed our order and got the restaurant confirmation. We saw it would be the same driver who called us about out first order. We decided to give him a nice tip. You can actually tip directly in the app, so you don’t have to scrape together any cash for the driver.

We turned our attention back to the blood war between Vampires and Lycans (Underworld is a pretty good movie). When the food was ready to go, we got a confirmation that the driver was on his way. They got to our place in about 8 minutes and tried the dialpad at the front door. I missed the call because we were enthralled by the movie. Luckily, the driver then tried Ewa’s phone (which we linked to the app). I went down to grab the food, expecting to get chewed out by the driver. Fortunately, he was very cheerful when dropping off the order.

I was tempted to eat my half on the walk back up to the room, but decided against it. When I walk in the door, we both descend upon the sashimi. It only took about 40 minutes from when we opened the app to having fresh sushi on our kitchen table. It would probably have taken us just as long to change, drive to the restaurant, place an order and wait for the food.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


In our experience, DoorDash is a dope app. The interface is easy to use and the selection of restaurants should satisfy almost any craving. In addition, the driver and CSR both provided great customer service, and our food arrived promptly. Very crucial benefits for a delivery service.

We probably won’t use this app everyday (because we’d never leave the house), but it is super handy for those lazy nights where regular delivery food just won’t cut it.


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