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Holiday Gift Guide

Now that the glory of Thanksgiving is over, you actually have to worry about what gift you are going to get to try and surprisingly please the recipient of that gift. Don’t worry, we got you covered. By putting all of your friends + families in large general sections, there should be a gift on it to please at least…someone.

For the boozer: my dad is a notoriously hard person to give gifts to, and is usually pretty indifferent to everything I give him. So to be safe, I usually just give my dad alcohol, because at least he’ll drink it (at some point, he likes to further age his alcohol….he saved 21 year old scotch an additional 15 years). Where to buy the booze?
– go local! There are some great local wineries & distilleries that you can support right here in the bus.

  • Wine on High – the long awaited updated storefront is now open once again, as a carrier of my favorite $6 red wine, I’m pretty pumped to go back.
  • Camelot Cellar – with the option of going in & making your own batch (or going the safe route and buying one of their blends), you can bring your giftee here to craft their own lovingly made wine. It’ll take about 6-12 weeks for the wine to get nice & toasty, but once it does you’ll have your own glorious blend.
  • Brother’s Drake: I am definitely going to be bringing a batch of Apple Pie or Ginger Verve mead to our Xmas dinner. B. Drake’s is by far my favorite mead & Jeromy and I regularly head to Drake’s for our late night munchies (we were devastated last Sat when Tokyo Gogo was already closed, it was also 2 am so that is understandable on their part)
  • OYO Middle West Spirits: While we are anxiously awaiting the opening of OYO’s spiffy new tasting room, we can buy bottles for our friends & family to enjoy. I like the Vanilla Bean Vodka because you can throw it into your hot cocoa for a really good time.
  • Rockmill Brewery: Rockmill just launched their new holiday beers, cask aged noir & war on wheat. We recently tried their war on wheat beer, it’s gluten free, but just as delicious as beer full of gluten. Also we love the packaging.
  • Watershed Distillery: Watershed released their pre-made cocktail, the Old Fashioned, this holiday season to a lot of fanfare & it lived up to the hype! We are bringing this bad boy to Jeromy’s family’s holiday party (they are big dark liquor fans), and are excited to see their reactions!
  • Additionally, most of these places offer tours of their brewing/distilling. It’s pretty neat to check out how your booze is made & to see the 20 feet stills they go through!

For the Stylin’: For the ever stylin’ frands & family you have:

  • Everyone wants to relax. Particularly relaxing places are nail salons where you get pampered, a drink while you get your nails did, and a baked treat. The W Nail bar offers just that.
  • Finding a beautiful print as a gift is a great unique gift to give. Framed or unframed, these artists’ work can really brighten up a place.
    • Laurie Duncan Art – gorgeous watercolor illustrations, prints, and even custom work!
    • Brim Papery – cute prints and the best mugs ever, be on the lookout for when she restocks the boss bitch mugs!
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  • Get your bling ring on with some beautiful local jewelry of the gift or trying different jewelry every month!
    • Red Giraffe Designs – beautiful pieces, and she even fixes them for you when you drunkenly break them..
    • One Six Five – one of my favorite jewelry design duos, this pair are the star of delicate jewelry pieces
    • Chertova – I’ve been eyeing their design pieces for a while now, and I think I need to hop aboard the Chertova train soon!
    • Calecumo – gorgeous delicate jewelry, contact for custom orders!
    • Rocksbox – not sure what you want? Try it all! Every month get a box of bling right to your doorstep, like the pieces? Buy ’em! If not, return them right away to get a brand new box that month! Use code: nomlifexoxo for 1 free month!
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  • 68297df621093a124Men always need a good dop kit (both my brother and Jeromy used those weird free drawstring sports bags for the longest time). They won’t even know how much they needed one until you give it to them! The one to the right is on sale for $34 now!
  • Now we know clothing is a pretty standard gift to give, so we tried to find some unstandard clothing for ya, and just some things that we are coveting ourselves.
    • Local boutiques Thread / Ladybird / Rowe: with unique curated collections & designs from around just about everywhere, you’re sure to find something fun at any of these shops!
    • For Love & Lemons: now it may be a vast overstatement that every girl loves for love & lemons, but I think they secretly do. With delicate lace, sheer fabrics, and gorgeous styling, who wouldn’t want to receive one of their intimates? Also they’re comfy as shit and I don’t even own a regular bra now. I’m currently coveting this $333 dress that I have no where to wear, but w/e I can wear it around my house or something, I just love it so much. They also JUST released their swimwear line. I wasn’t counting down or anything. If anyone knows boobs, it’s them. Their collection is sure to be absolutely beautiful, expensive, a bit racy, and of course instagrammed by every blogger ever.
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    • The Raye x Revolve Clothing collab has been pretty spot on this year, with a smaller inventory and a much blogged about footwear, these shoes sell out pretty fast. They’re wonderfully made with suede, leather, and are worth the pretty penny in my opinion but I probably spend too much money on shoes.
    • Urbanwear has made quite the resurgence and we’ve got two awesome brands rights in town, grab your Ohio gear and rep your city with OATW and Made By Ngo.
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    • While it hasn’t been snowy yet (knock on wood) a good pair of boots can really step up your fashion game. Jeromy loves these Timberlands & I have been coveting Stuart’s for over a year now, but we have a wedding to pay for lol.
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For the Crafter: Whether they’re makin’ something or looking crafty..

  • Candle class – Make your own delightful candle at the Candle Lab, don’t eff it up though, otherwise your room will smell weird.
  • A nice houseplant – Houseplants are the new avocado, your insta pics always need to have one. Pick up one at Stump, give your friend who can’t keep anything alive a succulent. (srsly hard to let those die)
  • Art class – Give the gift of making your own gifts at the Columbus Foundry. With plenty of options, jewelry, fine art, glass, woodworking & many more you have plenty of classes to choose from!
  • Polaroid picture camera – Everyone wants to look crafty with an old school camera. Get one and demand your friend give you at least 10 photos so you can string them around your bedroom Urban Outfitters style. Mini one at UO for $80.
  • Cut Maps – Seriously awesome lasercut maps of any city you would like, not ready for a big piece? You can grab a phone case or a steel cut ornament for the holidays? Best of all, it’s all made in Cbus, OH.

For the Foodie: aka the gift that can do no wrong. I mean who doesn’t love food?

  • The Hatchery – they sold me on the front page..monthly delivery of small batch ingredients and condiments from independent makers across the country. TRY ALL THE THINGS
  • Castiron Skillet – These skillets are the bomb diggity, season your skillet, you don’t have to wash it, and all the flavors you cook in it soak into the pan for extra awesomely flavored dish. We have one from Lodge, and love it. It even withstood the test of leaving brussel sprouts in overnight in the oven and not setting our apartment aflame (not recommended)
  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven – I want to make the soup in this. On sale this holiday season $170 from original $250.
  • Coffee + bakeries – need a gift less than the above $170 pot? You can grab a great set of coffee beans at Fox in the Snow / Pistachia Vera and some tasty bakeries!
  • Green Bean Delivery – Winter is coming (’s pretty warm still), even so, nothing beats groceries delivered right to your doorstep. You can purchase monthly deliveries for yourself or for a pal & get $15 off your order with code: NomLife


    Veggies for dayyssss

  • Prestige Club – Wouldn’t you love to go out to eat and get 1 entree free?? Now you can with the Prestige Club dining card, over 100 restaurants to choose from. Best gift ever. #freeentreesforlyfe!!!
  • French press / coffee set – Is your pal a coffee conneisuer (or wants to be?) Grab them a french press set, Chemex coffee maker and some beans from Stauf’s, you’ll want to be at their place every morning
  • You can’t go wrong with a nice dinner out on the town, we love Refectory and are still dying to try Kihachi.
  • Give the gift of food (in your benefit) once you pal becomes a chef by taking cooking classes at the Commisary or the Kitchen. Check their calendars for cooking class schedules.



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