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Halloween is for dressing up as food

In a rut as what to dress up as for Halloween? Tired of going as a cat? Never fear, we have some super easy costumes that you can make this week just in time before Halloween.

And of course, you know our Halloween costumes were food..

You can’t have sushi without soy sauce!

Soy Sauce Costume:

Items you will need:

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Black clothing
  • Red paperboard
  • Tape
  • Safety pins
  1. Find images of Kikkoman soy sauce bottle, print 2 kikkoman bottles on 11×17 paper and cut images out
  2. Find image of Kikkoman label on regular sized paper and cut image out
  3. Take red paperboard and place around head, make a mark to wear it fits comfortably, cut out a long rectangle to wear you’ve made a mark on the paper. This will be your “hat” base.
  4. Tape the rectangle edges, creating a dome as you do so, so the bottom of the hat will be narrower than the top.
  5. Take the balance of the red paper, and put it flat on top of your dome hat. The paper should be longer than your hat, take the edges and tape them on top of each other to create “spouts.” Flatten them out a smidge, don’t press too hard! Your spouts will probably be too long, so cut them until you think they look reasonable. (I would give it 5 inches). You should be able to fit the top contraption on top of your hat base without the use of tape, as long as you fitit securely around the base. Don’t forget to tape the label to the center of the hat!
  6. Pin the soy sauce bottles onto your black shirt using safety pins, I would recommend having a friend do this while you wear the shirt so the paper doesn’t get crinkled when you put it on. Unless you are like Jeromy & don’t trust the person you are with to pin it on correctly. (ahem)
  7. voila! you’ve got yourself a no sew (super easy) costume!

    Sauce boss


    Items you will need:
    – 3/4 yard of red fabric
    – 1 1/4 yard of dark green felt
    – Polyfill stuffing (above 3 items can be found at Jo Ann’s fabrics!)
    – White paint (acrylic or fabric is fine)
    – Sponge
    – Chopsticks
    – White dress
    – Red thread & needle or sewing machine
    – Flower doo-dad optional..we found ours at Jo Ann’s….
    Keep in mind the above yardage is for a size small! 🙂

  1. Lay the red fabric on top of each other so you have two layers. Cut out a oval-like shape like below, about 2 1/2 feet long, you have two layers of fabric! Sew all of the edges together, except for the bottom opening. This will be the shrimp body!
  2. Turn the shrimp body inside out, so you can’t see the thread lines. Stuff it with polyfill.
  3. Cut out two layers of fabric for the tail, they should like similar to the shape below and about 8 inches long.
    Sew all of the edges together except for the bottom opening, turn it inside out, & stuff this with polyfill as well! Do this step twice, so you have two tails!
  4. Next, attach the tails to the bottom of the shrimp body, Sew these shut & make sure they are securely attached.
  5. Grab your white paint and pool it on some aluminum foil, use a sponge to apply the white in a striation pattern. The pattern is up to  you!

    Nom life dreams of sushi

  6. Put it on your white outfit, take your sushi and place it on your back, take the dark green felt and fold it so you have a thinner strip of fabric (or cut it to be a skinnier in width), wrap the felt around the length of your body over the shrimp. Tie the ends of the green felt with a rubberband/hairband to a width you feel is comfortable.
  7. We added some doodads to our hair with our outfit, with a pink fabric flower we found at Jo Ann’s & some chopsticks we found in my kitchen.
  8. Wahoo, you’re done! Enjoy the sushi life.

Food Familia


Many thanks to my friend Karissa for pretty much doing these costumes while I ate ice cream and filled the shrimp with polyfill. You can check out her designs here, she is super talented.

Also, sorry the donut instructions are not included, but Laurie is a wizard and I’m not totally sure how she constructed it. She is also a super talented designer, you can check out her watercolor illustrations and designs here.



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