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Last minute Valentine plans

Ah. Valentine’s Day, the panicked holiday of single women, loathed and/or feared by men, and the obliged spending (mostly for the male party). Fab Hallmark Holiday.

However, never fear! We have fun suggestions for all parties involved!  If you’re like us, you’ve waited until the last minute to even consider what you’re possibly going to do for Vday and you realized most restaurants are already booked up this weekend. 😮

Last year, we forgot it was Vday weekend and wound up going to a restaurant that J later got sick from…SO to help you guys not have the issues we did last year, we compiled a fun list of activities that will appear thoughtful and well planned out even if you just figured it out the night before. There’s also an activity on here for every budget, big or small because sometimes you gotta love on a dime.

Skiing at Mad River Mountain

I mean, how fun is this! These ski slopes are only 45 minutes away and are great even if you’ve never skied before! There’s a bar at the base of the mountain where you can grab hot toddies & cozy up. Saturday ski hours are from 9:00 am- 3:00 am with prices varying from $25 to $40 depending on what time you want to go. Rentals are about $40 for skis, boots, poles, and helmets. Mad River is running a promotion for Valentine’s and has $10 lift tickets on Saturday for ladies. Make sure to check the weather report before you go on the Mad River website! No reservations needed.
Bonus Points: Friday night is college night, so if you have your college IDs, you can hit the slopes for a discounted $35 lift + rental tickets. Plus, you’ll look super thoughtful because you planned it early.

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We made dissss

 The Candle Lab

From 4pm – 8pm, the Candle Lab is offering a special for couples (anyone will do, literally just bring another body) for $45 including pouring one of your own custom made candles in an 8oz jar, chocolate, and champagne for each person. PLUS they’ll even deliver the candle after it sets to dinner if you’re eating in the same downtown area as their stores. How suave will you look, pretty effin’ suave. They have 4 locations, Short North, Grandview, Powell, & Worthington. No reservations needed.

The Movie Tavern

The most romantic movie of all time is coming out this weekend just in time for Valentine’s Day: Fifty SHADES of Grey. Lolz, so dudes if you’re going to have to sit through a movie that may or may not be weirdly reminiscent of the Twilight series, what better way to do it than with alcohol!? You’ve got some options with theaters too, Movie Tavern [Hilliard], Easton Movie Theater, and Studio Movie Grill [Downtown].

Bar Crawl

Yep, that’s right. Grab your gal pals and home skillets, and head out on VDay for a good ‘ol fashioned bar crawl. Not only will it be a fun night out with your friends, but it will also most likely end with pizza. And that’s always a good night.We recommend starting classy in the Short North at Pint House->Bernard’s->Bar 23->MOVE TO PARK ST->Social->Brother’s [dance floor duh]->Callahan’s->PIZzaaa. If you make it to all those bars, we’ll be impressed.


We made disss tooo

Night in

For those on a budget/thrifty. Make a meal to impress with homemade pizza (we will post a wow worthy recipe tmrw), buy some $10 wine from Trader Joe’s (never spend more than $10 on wine, it’s not worth the $$$ my friend), and a rental. You can grab a rental from Redbox OR you can head down to Family Video in Clintonville for a larger selection of movies and most likely the same price as Redbox, if not a little bit cheaper.


Have you ever been on a date where you jumped around, maybe performed some backflips, and got a really good laugh and work out in? Well Skyzone still has some available tickets on Saturday with 30 minute jumps at $9 and 60 minutes at $13. This is great, because then you’ll have tons of room for dinner and not have to be rolled home with your date.


So we helped you out a bit here and found some restaurants that do have availability on Saturday. But book them fast! They’ll be gone soon!

The Rossi (they don’t take reservations)
Rishi Sushi
La Chatelaine
Hunan Lion
El Arepazo
The Market Italian Village (they don’t take reservations)
The Crest (they don’t take reservations)
Akai Hana
Min Ga
Arch City

So we hope you got some great ideas on what to do this weekend and score with your date. SCORE SOME POINTS GEEZ, get your head out of the gutter. As for us, we’ll be on the slopes, drinking hot toddies, and probably falling down the mountain.




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